80 Meters of berlin wall discovered: researcher finds it in the forest

Part of berlin's original wall found: fragments of the barrier are still coming to light almost three decades after the fall of the berlin wall. A hobby historian has now announced the discovery of what is believed to be a previously unknown section from the earliest days of the barrier: the 80-meter-long section of wall in a forest stump in pankow is the last existing piece of the original wall, local historian christian bormann told the german press agency.

The 37-year-old discovered the wall, according to his own statements, 18 years ago. He had reported the finding to the authorities only this week, because he was worried about weather damage had made. The berliner zeitung had first reported on it.

Part of the original wall

authorities had initially disbelieved reports of his find, bormann said. Gesine beutin of the berlin wall memorial said that it is suspected that bormann could have actually discovered a part of the original wall. If it is an original piece of the berlin wall, it would be a "historic moment", and the area must be protected, said Beutin.

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