20-Year-old tried to get a loan from the bank

20-year-old tried to get a loan from the bank

His dream of self-employment as a business consultant turned a 20-year-old employee from bamberg into a fraudster. In order to obtain a loan of 27,500 euros from a bank, he scanned his father’s salary statement into his computer. With the help of an image editing program, he replaced his father’s name with his own name and presented the forged document to the bank. But the bank employee in charge quickly saw through the swindle and filed a complaint for attempted fraud.

Instead of sitting in the boss’s chair in his own office, the 20-year-old had to sit in the dock at the district court in habfurt on monday, where the juvenile court sentenced him to a community service fine of 2,000 euros. The defendant, who has no previous convictions, admitted the accusation through his lawyer thomas monius.

The prosecutor had requested one week’s permanent detention. The manipulated account did not look professional and the fraud therefore remained in the experimental stage. Nevertheless, the accused had acted with a certain professionalism and criminal energy. However, he had never been able to pay back the loan installments, said the prosecuting attorney.

The defender saw this differently. He argued that there had been no damage to property. The amount of the loan was ten to 15 times the defendant’s net income, which was well within the bounds of the law. His client had been able to repay the installments, the lawyer was convinced. "The prosecution can’t get away with it. Therefore I demand acquittal for my client", monius suggested.

Judge martin kober found the offence of attempted fraud to have been committed. 27,500 euros is "not a small price to pay", he said. The verdict is not yet legally binding.

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